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“UK riots: Love affair with gangster- chic turns sour for top fashion brands”

Fashion as a way to show rebellion

This article published in ‘The Guardian’ August 12,  is about how rioters in England have looted fashion brands so as to demonstrate their revolt. And it is linked to fashion as it shows the way people associate fashion to rebellion or another ways of revolts; a means to self- expression and identity.

Those rioters are in one way or another connected to fashion; it is maybe a way for them to grab attention and also to express themselves by taking possessions of what they like and appreciate.

This rebellion shows the importance of fashion in England as even in periods of rebellion such as those riots, these people have chosen what they want to steal which please them and that are popular to the youth culture.


Fashion brands’ image.

The image of fashion brands are being tarnished as the decision of the rioters of stealing some brands and not others generate conflict. It also shows some brands can be considered as negative for society as the rioters have chosen brands, who are seen as  trendsetting, to express their rebellion.

This shows the dark side of fashion as those leading fashion brands are now perpetuating a negative image for England; a country where fashion is becoming so important that it is provoking and revealing stealing capacities in these young people and therefore conflicts in the country. They are stealing what they want to own maybe because they do not have the purchasing power  to buy clothes from these fashionable brands and therefore are using those riots as an excuse.

This article would be more credible and helpful if there were declarations from the rioters and interviews on the reasons why they have chosen some brands at the expense of others.

“JD has almost […] appealed to the market.”

This statement from the article shows the high degree of popularity of this brand; the way they have conquer a public and maybe the thieves can be considered as fans who are capable of anything in order to fit into the brand’s style and fashion trends.

However, even though this article focuses only on the dark side of fashion, it should not be taken negatively because fashion still needs to survive and as it is a way of self- expression and identity; it is still important to associate fashion as being part of consumerism and also a way to boost the country’s economy.

What do you think about this article??

Do you think that fashion is really a way to show rebellion?


Public Interest about Fashion


Fashion is You and Your “Self”

This statement means that the way we dress according to fashion trends or not, reveal our identity and personality. Being fashionable may have various meanings, as these fashion victims may be considered as consumers who are victim of peer pressure; which means that they want to belong to a group or may be seen as a means to show that they have money and therefore is a way for them to look cool to others’ eyes. This is why this statement is appropriate meaning that the way we dress makes up ourselves; fashion can therefore be considered as a kind of self-definition.

Our style defines who we are, to what culture we belongs, our social backgrounds as well as many other factors which determine who we are. Most of the people are not aware about that but they still associate fashion with themselves without realizing.

For example, in Mauritius, some Hindus will stick to their tradition of wearing sarees and Indian clothes and this shows the culture they belong to and it also shows that these people are still very concerned with traditions.

Fashion is therefore not only about clothing and piece of cloth but there is a culture behind it where people can express themselves, their mood, and their feelings. When taking fashion in this sense, we get to know and have a better understanding of the objectives of fashion designers, the way they express themselves in their creation and designs.

Fashion Trends in Europe as compared to Mauritius.–1970s-fashion-4506.html     and

Fashion in other countries as compared to Fashion in Mauritius.

As it can be seen in those two pictures, fashion trends in other countries seem to be more extravagant and fashionable whereas in Mauritius, it is simple and easy to wear. As we live on a small island, I think that this style is appropriate as it is summer nearly all the time, these types of clothes seem to be light to wear and comfortable as compared to the fashionable one.

What do you guys think about fashion revealing our identities??

Personal Interest for Fashion


Fashion; a way to express one’s identity.

My topic chosen is fashion because it is a theme that is very interesting for me and which inspires me. Fashion can be defined as the way fashion victims follow and dress accordingly following new trends and keep up-to-date to popular designers’ collection. I am not personally a fashion victim as I do not have the possibility in Mauritius to keep up-to-date but I am always aware of the trends. I have chosen this topic as it inspires me in the sense that it allows me to express myself, as for me, dressing is a way to show one’s identity and also share cultures, as nearly every countries has its own style of clothes that will never be worn in other countries. For example, in India; women wear special dresses from their culture with spangle. I think fashion is closely link to the Internet and this is another reason for my choice as to keep up-to-date, we automatically need the Net. Like some people expose their personal life online on blogs to express themselves; for me, fashion enables me to express myself, my feelings, my mood and many other ways to show my identity and personality.


Fashion in Mauritius.

My topic about fashion is to show  the way Mauritius is not up-to-date to fashion trends which restricts the possibilities for fashion victims to follow new trends. The textile industry in our country is very wide and designers are paid to design accordingly following new styles and trends to produce for exportation which is not accessible to Mauritians.

In Mauritius today, most of the people are not aware about the new fashion trends and this is why we are still lagging behind because we do not have the possibility to follow the trends as they are not available in our shops. Fashion is a topic which can make a great debate in Mauritius as I think that we should innovate and follow other countries’ styles and fashion trends in order to follow fashion. It cannot be said that Mauritians are fashion victims; some people are very concerned with fashion and try their best to try to adopt others’ trends. However, it is still difficult for them as the clothes and accessories are not accessible; the only way is to buy online which is not affordable and accessible too to everyone.